Corporate History And Highlights

This page is under construction. So far, it includes this company's history until 1980 only.

  • 1967

    Western Telephone was registered as a Proprietorship by Joel C. Eves. The principal objective of the new Company was (and still is) to provide communications systems employing equipment and technology developed in the Bell System.

  • 1967-1972

    While building a customer base for intercommunication applications, Western Telephone designed and installed radio broadcasting systems (closed-circuit and carrier-current) at six University campuses in the Province of Ontario.

  • 1971

    Western Telephone was engaged to install a 1A2 Key Telephone System for Perception Industries of Toronto. When challenged by Bell Canada regarding the legality of an "interconnected" privately-owned telephone system, Perception responded by winning a Supreme Court injunction against Bell to protect their right to proprietorship. Subsequently, Bell and Perception arrived at an out-of-court settlement which postponed any rupture to Bell's monopoly.

  • 1974-1979

    While continuing to build its customer base, Western Telephone provided a variety of contract services to Bell Canada, such as cable installation and supply and manufacture of rare or discontinued Key Telephone parts and equipment.

  • 1978

    The Western Telephone and Telecommunications System was folded into a parent corporation called WTT Communications Ltd.

  • 1980

    1980 In decision #80-13, an agency of the Canadian federal government (the Canadian Radio-Television Telecommunications Commission, or CRTC) legalized "interconnection", by which private companies were allowed the right to purchase telephone equipment from vendors other than Bell Canada. At this point WTT began to compete in the newly-formed "interconnect" market, exploiting its specialty in electromechanical Key Telephone Systems. Engineering services were made available to the industry as a whole.

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