These and other as removed from service items are available free to hobbyists who are prepared to come and pick them up. Call us to arrange a date.

Cases of key telephone sets, as removed from service

  • Dozens of cases available, each containing sets of identical model and colour
  • 18 Northern or ITT 2564 sets per case, available in ivory or beige
  • 16 Northern Telecom Logic-10 sets per case, available with or without headset kit
  • 12 Northern Telecom Logic-20 sets per case, with or without headset kit

A/V control cabinet from Shell Oil board room, including:

  • Amplifier and monitor speaker
  • 3-phase lighting controls (motor-controlled dimmers) and breaker panel
  • Switching and control relays
  • 19" cabinet rack approx. 23"x18"x74"H
  • Hinged back door with lock & key

"AB Snabtelefon" Swedish intercom cabinet employing crossbar switches

  • Approx. 28"x9"x60"H
  • Includes 16 station sets

7 ft., 23" rack containing:

  • Approx. 75 lines of San/Bar 1A2 key (cards by San/Bar, ITT, V-Band & NT)
  • TT intercom
  • 6 power plants (cords cut)

7 ft, 23" blue (Dracon?) rack with:

  • 4 NT 1A2 panels
  • Various cards
  • Power and ringing
  • Mounted castors for easy moveability
  • Rails not drilled except for equipment currently mounted

7 ft, 23" rack containing:

  • 8 dual private line circuits per SD96147-01
  • Interrupter
  • Ringing plant
  • 24V and 48V DC supplies

Early electronic telephone equipment

  • Tadiran Tadex 124 cabinet
  • Vodavi KSU with separate power supply
  • Northern Telecom Vantage 12 KSU (2 available)

Early Xerox copy machines

  • Two available: model 660 and 660 II
  • First desktop Xerox copiers from late 1960s

If you would like more information about the above items, or wish to propose a pick up date in the near future for equipment in which you are interested, please e-mail us.

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